Modern Enterprise File Services

  • Connect remote sites and users to a global file system without compromising performance or security

  • Close your IT gaps in moving from the traditional workplace to the post-pandemic hybrid environment

  • Replace traditional file storage and reduce costs by up to 80% with software-defined file services over object storage

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Extend Corporate Data to the Edge

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform allows enterprises to dramatically simplify the cost, scale, and complexity challenges of traditional NAS and file storage solutions in the new era of distributed and remote work IT.

  • Unified File Services

    Connect core, branch, and WFH users over a single namespace for HQ-grade data access experiences from any edge location or device

  • Cloud on your Terms

    Leverage your existing datacenter infrastructure, ACLs, security model, and user protocols in a modern cloud file services platform

Best of File. Best of Cloud.

By unifying local file sharing with multi-cloud object storage, CTERA’s global file system technology allows enterprises to modernize every aspect of their distributed file services delivery, including remote offices, work-from-home laptops, VDI, and mobile.

  • Modern File Storage

    Any user, any site, any cloud! Support users wherever they are without compromising performance or security

  • Multiple Use Cases

    Support NAS modernization, multi-site collaboration, endpoint sync, edge data processing, and more

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform

The fastest, most secure, and most feature-rich file services solution in the industry.

Unlimited Capacity

Gain infinite storage capacity without adding hardware through intelligent edge caching and elastic cloud scale

Multi-Site File Sharing

Enable distributed office and WFH users to store, access, and collaborate on files efficiently from any device or location

Military-Grade Security

In-firewall deployments, FIPS 140-2 certification, anti-virus, DLP, 2FA, and much more

Top Performance

Enjoy the industry's fastest file transfer speeds and large local data caches for heavy workloads

Unparalleled Scale

Centrally manage thousands of sites and users from a single pane of glass

Secure Multi-Cloud

Eliminate vendor lock-in and control data sovereignty with infrastructure support ranging from 100% private to public and hybrid clouds

Setting the Bar for Hybrid Cloud File Services

2021 Gold Winner
Cloud Storage Solution

2021 Top-5 Enterprise Cloud-based NAS Consolidation

2021 Storage Innovation of the Year

2021 Best in Global File Services
“CTERA saved us money, enabled real-time availability of our data, and made our business more secure.”
Jeff Pisano, VP IT
“Demand for modern data storage services is going up, and CTERA offers one of the most complete solutions in the market.”
Enrico Signoretti, Senior Data Storage Analyst

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