GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage 2022

Download the report to learn:

- GigaOm’s forward-looking assessment of the distributed cloud file storage market

- Why GigaOm selected CTERA as a “Leader” in the Radar for the 2nd year in a row

- How CTERA compares against competing vendors based on product technical capabilities and feature sets



“CTERA once again claims the top spot in GigaOm’s Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage. It’s a leading solution for those companies looking to overcome the complex demands of distributed computing. CTERA’s ability to scale, while maintaining performance and military-grade security coupled with their new data services platform, places them in the top spot as an innovative platform play solution.”

- Enrico Signoretti, GigaOm Research Analyst

Download the 2022 GigaOm Radar for Distributed Cloud File Storage!