GigaOm Sonar Report for File-Based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection

View the GigaOm Sonar Report to learn:

* GigaOm’s forward-looking assessment of the file-based primary storage ransomware protection market 

* Why GigaOm selected CTERA as a “Leader” in the Sonar 

* How CTERA's enterprise file services compare against competing vendors based on product technical capabilities and feature sets 



“Our Sonar Reports analyze emerging technology trends and sectors and provide the benefits as well as risks posed by the early adoption of bleeding edge solutions.  This year, CTERA significantly improved its posture in cyber resiliency thanks to CTERA Ransom Protect, an AI-based proactive detection engine that further strengthens CTERA's already comprehensive cyber resiliency feature set.  As a result, CTERA was identified as a 'Leader' and 'Fast Mover' thanks to its commitment to innovation and its delivery pace.”

- Arjan Timmerman, Max Mortillaro, GigaOm Research Analysts

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