2024-25 DCIG Top 5 Enterprise Multi-Site File Collaboration Solutions

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Many organizations rely on effective file-based collaboration for core business processes. This worked well when employees sat in offices with fast links to local file servers or network-attached storage (NAS) systems. However, for many organizations today, the workforce now spans the globe. When distributed teams attempt to use legacy systems to work collaboratively on files, the result is end-user frustration, lost time and money, and increased organizational risk.

An outcome of DCIG’s research in software-defined storage (SDS) for file storage, the 2024-25 DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Multi-site File Collaboration Solutions report provides guidance on the top 5 enterprise solutions for providing effective file collaboration for distributed workforces.


"With the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform, organizations can unify remote users, branch offices, and cloud file services into a single operating environment that combines the benefits of local file services with the advantages of unified cloud object storage." 

- Todd Dorsey, DCIG Sr. Storage Analyst

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